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Why Choose Us?


  • Long business history of landscape construction in Jacksonville with extensive knowledge of large-scale projects.
  • Good relationships with City officials. We can facilitate inspections, COs, and TCOs
  • Extensive understanding of the construction process and scheduling.
  • Experienced Foreman and Superintendents that have large project experience. Management staff has been with us from 5 to 24 years.
  • Extensive Network of suppliers to insure that the best materials are used on the projects.
    • All trees are hand picked by registered Landscape Architects
    • All plant materials are checked prior to installation for compliance to specifications
  • In-house Landscape Management Services. Our trained maintenance staff insures that your investment appreciates over time.
  • Company is bondable up to 8 million.
  • Quality control done by in house Landscape Architects.
    • All projects are reviewed periodically for quality by registered Landscape Architects (two on staff).
  • Company owner directly involved in all phases of work to ensure a successful project.
  • Self-managed contractor. Our Project Managers and Superintendents monitor job progress and schedules to insure timely deployment of crew and materials to get the project completed on time.
  • We encourage Owners/Architects and General Contractors to join us and participate in picking out the trees for their projects.
  • Design/build capabilities. We can help with design development, modify existing plans to suit site changes or changes in owner focus or concept. Lend helpful suggestions from a designer's point of view to make your project a success.
  • Complete Project Management

Design/Budgeting Services

Sun State Nursery and Landscaping, Inc. can provide a wide variety of design services as well as budgeting services with our vast experience in commercial landscape construction. We can provide you with conceptual landscape budgets to insure that projects stay in budget prior to the issuance of construction drawings. This process saves money and time and insures that your vision is realized and executed at the construction level.

Our design team can also provide you with full design services from the conceptual stage to project implementation. One of the advantages of using our firm is that you get the best of worlds, a designer, contractor, and landscape manager in one. We conceive it, install it, and maintain it within budget.

Our knowledge of the market conditions, availability and quality of material insures that you will get the most out of your landscape dollars.


Landscape Contractors

Sun State Nursery and Landscaping, Inc's commercial landscape construction division has over the past thirty years successfully executed many landmark projects throughout the Jacksonville market. These landmark projects include, Prime Osborne Convention Center, Metropolitan Park, Kids Campus, Adams Mark Hotel, Blue Cross Blue Shield Campus, Citi Card Center, Alltel Building, Nemours Children's Clinic, Baptist Medical Center South and Bartram Springs, just to name a few.

The scope of work in these projects varies and includes: grading, site work, Maxicom irrigation systems, tree spade work, installation of large Oaks (12-16 caliper), large Phoenix palms (Cannariensis as well as Medjools), crane work, intricate hardscape systems and fountains.

Our company has developed a reputation for being able to handle the largest and most complex projects in our area. Our extensive construction knowledge gives us the expertise to handle most challenges presented to us. Our experienced staff, superintendents and foreman enable us to manage multiple projects throughout the region.

Irrigation Contractors

Our irrigation services division has successfully installed large scale Maxicom Systems with over 200 zones, complex pumping stations, 10 mainline, and multiple satellites. Our experienced personnel follow strict specifications developed by our company to insure a trouble free system for years to come.

At Sun State Nursery and Landscaping, Inc. we recognize the importance of the irrigation system, as the unseen tool to a successful landscape. Proper wiring, pipe depth, head placement, and gluing are all given special attention to insure a trouble free installation for years to come.

Hardscape Contractors

Sun State Nursery and Landscaping, Inc. Hardscape Division was started six years ago as a direct response to our client's needs. Since then, we have successfully completed many hardscape projects comprising of pavers, precast concrete, fountains, stonewalls, arbors, steel garden structures, colored concrete, stamped concrete, retaining walls, entry features and walls.

Landscape Management

Our landscape management division recognizes the needs of our clients and serves them in a manner that allows them to focus on their business, not their landscape. We take complete ownership of our properties. We gauge our success by client satisfaction and the appreciation in value of the properties we manage.

Landscape Architects

We offer complete design services by registered landscape architects.